electric street sweeper

The street sweeper JUNGO SWEEPJET is 100% electric and convinces with unprecedented performance, safety and sustainability, around the clock 24/7. Based on the new revolutionary JUNGO 3.0 vehicle concept, the street sweeper JUNGO SWEEPJET promises a unique sweeping experience.

The sweeping system of the JUNGO SWEEPJET, the street sweeper, is the most precise and robust on the market. Regardless of the position of the broom, a precisely set sweeping pattern is always achieved. The trailed brooms are already equipped as standard with individual lifting as well as adjustment options for broom pressure, inclination and speed from the cab – for a perfect sweeping result, whatever the conditions. The stainless waste container is made of high-quality V2A stainless steel and, with its extra-high tipping edge, is incredibly easy to empty and clean.

Your advantages with the JUNGO SWEEPJET, the streetsweeper

• Ready for use 24 hours / 7 days thanks to the JUNGO quick-change power pack system

• The best efficiency thanks to electric wheel hub motors and micro-hydraulics

• Comparable performance to diesel vacuum sweepers

• More safety thanks to complete 48V drive system

• The largest and most comfortable 2-person cab on the market

• The best CO2 balance on the market

• No lubrication points and no oil changes

• The lowest broom wear on the market

• The most powerful electric broom drive

• Pulled brooms with collision protection

• Stainless steel waste container

Areas of application of the JUNGO SWEEPJET: streets, squares, pavements

In addition to the usual area of maintenance of pedestrian zones, streets and housing estates, the JUNGO concept in its vehicle class also covers other areas of use, such as company premises, airports, event parks, shopping centres, hospitals and postal and logistics centres.

At a speed of 50 km/h (31 mph) and with the optimal wheelbase, you ride comfortably and safely in road traffic. The JUNGO SWEEPJET street sweeper is even suitable for pavements and underground garages. With a vehicle width of 1.30 metres (4’3) including the 255/65 R16 wide tyres and two full-size seats, this is unique on the market.